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What our team members find so great about us:
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SIListra Systems employs highly motivated experts dedicated to demanding customer projects. We live a startup culture with short decision paths and are open to creative thinking.

Managing Director Jens Schindler: "SIListra Systems GmbH has an unmistakable focus and corporate purpose. With the product SIListra Safety Transformer, we introduce software-based solutions for functional safety, which represent an alternative to currently common additional hardware units such as redundant CPUs. Our procedures work with both manually programmed and automatically generated source code. Customers are thus flexible in a previously unknown way and are not restricted by the use of our safety tools. Our tools open up completely new possibilities. " Martin Süßkraut, Head of Development added: "The SIListra Safety Transformer takes a source code in the C language or C++ language as input. This development tool automatially instruments the error diagnosis for execution errors based on the coded processing into the source code. The tool output is source code, which the developer compiles into an executable program. In addition to its original function, this program is able to detect and handle execution errors that occur during operation in order to avoid hazards. This procedure allows our customers to develop very flexibly fail-safe controllers and systems. Our solution can offer scalability and flexibility advantages over hardware solutions and drastically reduce costs in the long term."