Updated Publications List

We have updated our publications list. The most recent list entry is now "Interoperability of Diversifed Encoding" which we presented at the safe.tech 2021.

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Neighbors came together to discuss development tools, programming languages and software developement processes

Coseda Technologies and SIListra Systems are neighbors in the same office building in Dresden. The two companies have different software products, applications and end-users, but both are leading in their respective niches. We share a kitchen and tease each other from time-to-time 😉. Last Tuesday we held a joint workshop.

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New open positions

We posted three new positions on our German career page. For details see the German translation of this news item.


SIListra Systems talk at 10th safe.tech conference - now an online-event

SIListra Systems GmbH will give a presentation with the topic: "Interoperability of Diversified Encoding" on April 21, 2021 at the safe.tech 2021 in the AUTOMATION session. The safe.tech is an annual conference of the TÜV SÜD Akademie where experts of all industries meet to discuss the developments in the area of functional safety. Besides the conference presentatuions participants can choose from 8 workshops. The conference is in German only.

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CCNC 2021: Demo Session

Alexander Kropp from the TU Dresden and Dr. Martin Süßkraut from SIListra Systems GmbH presented on January 11, 2021 their paper about "Reliable Control for Robotics - Hardware Resilience Powered by Software" at the IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference in the Demo Session.

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