SIListra Systems talk at 10th conference - now an online-event


SIListra Systems GmbH will give a presentation with the topic: "Interoperability of Diversified Encoding" on April 21, 2021 at the 2021 in the AUTOMATION session. The is an annual conference of the TÜV SÜD Akademie where experts of all industries meet to discuss the developments in the area of functional safety. Besides the conference presentations participants can choose from 8 workshops. The conference is in German only.

Our authors are Dr. Martin Süßkraut, Dr. Andreas Ecke and Mario Schwalbe. Our presentation describes how a generic software component can run on a non-safety critical hardware as part of a safety critical application. The two central challenges for this task are: (1) the diagnosis of random failures and (2) the safe integration of the software component with the other components of the safety critical application. SIListra Systems GmbH already presented the Diversified Encoding solution based on Coded Processing to solve the first challenge: the diagnosis of random failure. The presentation describes the solution for the second challenge: the safe integration. The main idea is to propagate all diagnosed failures of the software component to the next component as channel failures. Hence, the next component, which receives the output of the software component, diagnoses and handles the failures safely. The presentation will go into detail about the requirements on the application and processes for the application developer to ensure this safe integration.

Integration of a generic software componente into a generic safety application