Various publications are available for our software coded processing and its application. Here is a selection:

„Hardware-independent safety solutions with SIListra Systems and innotec“

This tech report presents the use cases of coded processing and diversified encoding, offered by SIListra Systems GmbH together with innotec GmbH.

innotec GmbH and SIListra Systems GmbH work together in the field of functional safety. Interested parties have comprehensive access to specialist expertise in order to implement holistic solutions in the field of functional safety. On the basis of SIListra Systems technologies and innotec's specific experience, customers can implement solutions faster and efficiently. The objective is to reach the optimal cost in safety projects, through an innovative process and solution, without compromising on the fulfillment of safety integrity requirements.

From SIListra Systems GmbH and innotec GmbH. Presented in January 2024.

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„Interoperability of Diversified Encoding“

This talk shows how to integrate Diversify Encoding into existing systems without the need to change any safe IO components - like sensors and actuators. Diversified Encoding enables the usage of COTS HW for CPUs. The slides show in detail how to interface Diversified Encoding with existing black channel protocol so that:

  1. end-to-end safety can be established, and
  2. existing IO components do not need to be changed.
Additionally, this technical presentation discusses important details like time and the initialization.

From SIListra Systems GmbH. Presented at 2021.

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