Various publications are available for our software coded processing and its application. Here is a selection:

„Safe Program Execution with Diversified Encoding“

This article describes "Diversified Encoding". Diversified Encoding is a diagnostic process for safety-critical applications that combines coded processing with diversity. Based on this process, SIListra Systems has already integrated safety-critical applications on non-safety-critical hardware together with several customers.

From SIListra Systems GmbH. Presented at Embedded World Conference 2015.

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„Is Software Coded Processing an Answer to the Execution Integrity Challenge of Current and Future Automotive Software-Intensive Applications?“

This article describes the challenges in implementing demanding safety-critical applications. Demanding applications require the highest level of security and maximum performance at the same time. Modern hardware for safety-critical systems can not meet these new performance requirements. That is why non-safety-critical hardware has to be used, which is considerably more efficient. This article discusses how coded processing and diversified encoding enable such high-performance hardware for use in safety-critical systems.

From BMW AG, TU Dresden and SIListra Systems GmbH.

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