SIListra Safety Transformer

Our product is your access to new and more efficient solutions for functional safety.

We offer our software tool „SIListra Safety Transformer“ in the current version 1.4 to our partners and customers. This development tool instruments our coded processing automatically into the source code of your application. The SIListra Safety Transformer focuses on the programming language C. The scope of delivery is agreed as required:

  • Development tool SIListra Safety Transformer (CD, flash drive, personalized download)
  • License code after verified license request
  • User manual/documentation
  • Self tests
  • User support
  • Maintenance (update/upgrades)

SIListra Safety Dashboard

For the intuitive usage of the SIListra Safety Transformer we offer the SIListra Safety Dashboard. It allows the execution and configuration of the SIListra Safety Transformer completely without the command line.

Please approach us directly. Usually compatibility-, performance-, pilot- or evaluation-projects are the entry to get to know our solutions. We provide demos and trial-versions after conclusion of a user agreement. Together, we will discuss with you whether our tool, know-how and service for your planned applications represent an alternative or the sought-after solution.