Safety Tutorial

The SIListra Safety Tutorial is a comprehensive introduction to developing safe and reliable applications with the help of the certified SIListra Safety Transformer. The tutorial guides you through the contents of the safety manual with an easy to follow example.

Implementing the safe control of an automated plant watering system, the tutorial features the following topics:

  • Basic usage of the SIListra Safety Transformer to "SIListrify" safety-critical functions
  • Architecture of a safe application using black-channel communication to provide end-to-end safety
  • Usage of a safe time source to ensure compliant communication timing
  • Testing of two-channel code, especially re-usage of native channel tests for the encoded channel code
  • Fault injection tests to validate single-channel parts as well as native and encoded source code separately

SIListra Safety Tutorial

Video series about our tutorial

Video 1: Example application
Video 2: Toolchain
Video 3: Deep dive into the code