An essential prerequisite for your successful safety concept is: Integrate SIListra technology right from the beginning into the product or system development!

The design of the safety concept represents a decisive part in the product development of a safety-critical application. SIListra Systems offers you individual consulting during the conceptual design and the subsequent implementation of the safety concept. From experience we know that the use of our certified tools at the earliest possible stage leads to the most efficient solution for a sustainable product development that meets all safety levels. The best point in time is when the design of the hardware and software architecture and the elaboration of the safety concept is still in development. This applies in particular to the use of COTS hardware for safety-critical systems and applications.

In our consulting, we draw on the experience from projects in the automotive, automation and medical technology back. The focus here is on the well-known safety standards ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.