innotec GmbH and SIListra Systems work together in the field of functional safety. Interested parties have comprehensive access to specialist expertise in order to implement holistic solutions in the field of functional safety. On the basis of SIListra Systems technologies and innotec's specific experience, customers can implement solutions much faster. The focus is on the implementation of cost-efficient safety projects with an optimal process without compromising on the fulfilment of current safety requirements.

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CODESYS Virtual Safe Control

CODESYS Development GmbH and SIListra Systems GmbH have been working together on solutions for virtual, software-based safety control systems since 2020. The first prototypes were presented at the SPS 2022 and 2023 trade fairs. New, various safety-related software products are under development and will be marketed worldwide by CODESYS. With the use of SIListra Systems' technology, solutions can be implemented on any hardware and without the otherwise necessary hardware diagnostics (with Safety PLC).

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The two Dresden-based companies Scontain GmbH and SIListra Systems GmbH offer a joint solution for safety & security. Safety is not possible without security. Together with Scontain, SIListra Systems can offer a solution in which the logic of safety applications runs in non-trusted environments. Scontain's SCONE solution, which is based on the principle of confidential computing, detects any manipulation by an attacker. This even applies if the attacker is the administrator of the computer on which the security application is running. SIListra Systems offers the certified SIListra Safety Transformer based on Coded Processing technology to detect random errors.

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University of Stuttgart, Institute of Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW)

University of Stuttgart, Institute of Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) and SIListra Systems have been working together in a joint project since January 1st, 2023. The fundamentals of coded processing for complex safety systems are being further developed. The coded processing method is to be expanded to include floating point calculations. This is uncharted territory worldwide and therefore a particularly challenging research task.

Further information can also be found on the ISW project page (in German only).

TUD Dresden University of Technology, Institute of Systems Architecture of the Faculty of Computer Science, Chair of Systems Engineering

SIListra Systems GmbH is a spin-off from the Chair of Systems Engineering at TUD Dresden University of Technology. Since 2004, the employees of this chair have been researching special software technologies and development tools for practical use in the field of functional safety. Numerous publications and patents have been jointly developed. The company SIListra Systems GmbH was founded in 2012 with founding partner Prof. Christof Fetzer, among others.

Prof. Fetzer and SIListra Systems also work closely together in the supervision of interns, graduates and doctoral students, particularly in the fields of Safety & Security, Coded Processing and Diversified Encoding.

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